Every solo business owner wants efficient and productive ways to manage their business. There are many ways to save time in your business and one of the best ways is to use automation. From booking appointments to managing your schedule to sending invoices, automation will not only save you time, but can help you make money while you sleep. Basically, automation tools allow systems and processes that you have put in place to run smoothly and will ensure that important steps are not missed; automation can save time and can increase your business’ productivity.

Another area where you can automate your business is your email marketing. You are probably familiar with email marketing on the consumer side of things. You have probably signed up for a variety of email lists. Whether it’s a store in your local neighborhood, or an online business, if you get emails from a business, you’re on their list.

So, let’s view it from the business side of things. You have most likely heard of the saying “the money is in the list,” and this is true. You need a list to build your online business and this is one way to constantly build your relationships with your clients and prospects.

Email Marketing can be your number one marketing tool. It is one of the foundations of online marketing, and it’s rooted in direct marketing. Email marketing is very cost-effective, and it’s easy to do!  Plus, Email Marketing helps you build a relationship with your customers and potential customers, as well as helping you create passive income.

You would set up an autoresponder communicating with your prospects and by delivering valuable content over time you have a very effective way to build trust with your prospects and make money while you sleep.  Sometimes, all you need to do is just remind people that you exist and how you can help them.