Virtual Partners Plus was founded by Chantay Jennings. While the solo entrepreneur is continually catered to, Chantay Jennings has a special interest in the corporate woman who knows not of her ability to start and sustain a profitable business. She is a guide throughout the startup stage, helping women to build themselves by building a business.

As a systems strategist, the Florida-born entrepreneur has used systems to help women entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. This systematic way of service and operation is governed by the A.D.D method which refers to, “Automate, Delegate and Delete”. By keeping the human intervention at a minimum through the automation process, Virtual Partners Plus is then able to open the doors of delegation and deletion for the client. They retain the power to indicate what stays and what goes.

The client gives us their goals and we paint the reality of a journey in an aim to get them from one point to the next. Once we have the destination, we plan the journey. Our support ramifies into the technical, administrative and creative spectrums of business management.

Rooted by the Jennings Philosophy of, “Say what you mean and mean what you say,” Virtual Partners Plus keeps to our word and motto of Systems, Support, Success!

The calm in the chaos – this is our promise.

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