In January 2019 I vowed to commit to taking action in my business and my personal life.  At first, I started the first few months great. Yet like most of us, I started to lose some of my enthusiasm as difficult decisions and disappointments occurred. I struggled with making decisions for fear of making the wrong one. Yet I realized that taking action is the only way  I will make progress so I did. Yes, we all worry about making the wrong decisions, losing face, losing money or other important but not relevant things that keep us up late at night. But in order to have a different life, we must do things differently. I know how it turns out when I don’t take action, so I decided to find out what happens when I do. 

I was in Florida for the first quarter of the year visiting family so it was an ideal situation for stepping outside of my comfort zone. I networked with new people as well as those I had not seen in a long time. I spent time communicating to others how I solved problems by providing online business support for business owners as well as forming new relationships.

In the past, I had not done much networking so taking this step was huge for me. You might be asking yourself, what does she mean by “take action”?  By this, I mean making immediate decisions quickly not haphazardly, with confidence. In the past, I was slow to make decisions or worse over-analyzed the ones I did make. So 2019 was a year of decision making and choosing to take action. 

It’s December and because of this commitment to taking action, I have worked with more clients, earned more income and collaborated with other business owners on projects that generated income for all. Was this easy? No. Did I make mistakes? Yes! I never said I would take perfectly intentional action. Stepping outside of the zone of the ordinary to move toward extraordinary takes action and commitment. Perfection is not necessary when there is consistent action. 

I have been in business for 5 years this month. 5 years!!  Yet, I can honestly say the most amazing transformations have occurred in the last 2 years. By choosing to invest in my business and taking action, I have transformed my business into a company. What is my word for 2020? Check out the blog next month to find out…

Are you ready to transform your business? Start with investing in yourself. What are the tools and resources you need for your business to succeed?

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